My Crew

These are my main crew.

I’ll occasionally breed from them so keep an eye out if you’re interested in them.


DoraName: Dora
Breed: Labrador
Gen: 1
Notes: Dora is based on my own Labrador, Tara. She’s the same colour and has the same colour eyes, and if we’d been able to name Tara ourselves I would’ve named her Dora, so that’s where the name came from.
I knew Dora was the perfect digital version of Tara when she came out of the adoption centre and ran off with a ball of pink yarn; I like to knit and Tara regularly does this, pink yarn is her favourite.
She also likes to sleep stretched out on her back, just like my own dog; chases her tail, just like my own dog; and prefers to drink out of a bottle rather than a bowl, again, just like my own dog!

OxideName: Oxide
Breed: Jack Russell
Gen: 1
Notes: One of the dogs at my real life dog training class is a Jack Russell so when I was looking for a friend for Dora a Jack Russell seemed like a logical choice.
He’s very playful and I kind of wanted one with a bigger brown patch on his butt, but every time I picked him up to send him back through the Adoption Centre door he’d look at me with those big brown eyes and I couldn’t help but keep him.
I wasn’t able to catch a picture of him, but Oxide has a thing about running around with the food bowl. One day I caught him fast asleep, still holding it in his mouth. He didn’t even drop it when I picked him up!


AtticusName: Atticus
Breed: Tabby
Gen: 1
Notes: Atticus was the last pet that I adopted in my game as I wanted a friend for Sunny (see below). I spent ages deliberating over which breed to go for. Despite my obsession with spotty Dalmatians I actually prefer stripes, so there wasn’t really much of a question about which breed I should got for. I hope that his stripes will pass on to some of his babies.
Atticus likes to sit with his eyes closed. He like to jump up onto the mantelpiece in the Living Room playscene and then just sit with his eyes closed. He’s such a weird kitty!

SunnyName: Sunny
Breed: B&W Shorthair
Gen: 1
Notes: My in-laws have a black and white cat named Kitty who just moved in with them about a year ago. As I’ve got Dora to represent Tara I knew I’d need to get a Kitty-equivalent for my game. Kitty is actually mostly white with a few black spots but Sunny is a close enough match for me.
I knew Sunny was the right cat for my game when I brought her out with Dora and as soon as she spotted the Labrador, Sunny started scowling. Kitty isn’t always Tara’s best friend so it was perfect.
When Kitty moved in I was all for calling her Sunny but the more traditional Kitty soon stuck. This was my opportunity to use the name Sunny.


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