Breeding Projects

I’m currently working on two breeding projects, with the help of PetzA. I’ll be offering the leftovers for adoption, so check back regularly to see what’s new.

Purebred Dalmatian Breeding Project

I’ve always loved breeding Dalmatians. I love their faces and I love the spots. It’s incredible how much variation you can get between two petz that might otherwise be identical.

My favourite thing about Dalmatians is the different mutations that crop up over the generations. It’s my aim to get one of every coat mutation, as well as eyelids that match the coats as closely as possible. I also want to try and get a nice collection of eye colours.

One of my main aims is get a black Dalmatian. But I’d also like to get a breeding pair who always produce non-white coat pups.

Extreme Mixies Breeding Project

I used to do this way back in Petz 3 so I decided on this Breeding Project to sort of rekindle that old sense of fun and excitement. One of the best things about breeding two different breeds together is the sense of surprise when the pupz or kittenz are born; you never know exactly which traits are going to come out.

I’ve decided to try to breed some multi-generational Catz and Dogz with one of every original Adoption Centre breed in their history. I’ve already got my second generation petz lined up, they’re just newborns at the moment but I can already see which ones I’ll be bringing forward to produce the next generation.

I’ve got a lot of Petz to photograph but look out to see the outcome of the first set of pairings. I’ve also got some Ugliez who definitely aren’t going to be used in the future, so they’re likely to appear in the Adoption section soon.


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