Dodie’s Ink Spotz began life on Blogger, until they decided to stop supporting IE11 and I started looking for a change.

This is a site for the old PC game Petz, particularly Dogz 5. I first started playing Petz right back in the mid-90s when the original Petz game came out and I’ve had every incarnation of the game until Petz 5 – since then they’ve changed the format and it’s not really the same game any more.

The point of it is to adopt little ‘dogz’ and ‘catz’ and take care of them. From Petz 3 onwards these animals can breed and have puppiez or kittenz. I’ve always really enjoyed breeding Petz, particularly because you get some unusual combinations appearing in your game, as well as mutations when you breed the same breed together.

At the time I launched the site I was embarking upon a Dalmatian breeding project where I aimed to breed multi-generational purebred Dalis but I got off to a bit of a false start because real life sort of got in the way. Now that real life has calmed down a bit I’ve pulled out my discs again, adopted a whole bunch of Petz and also installed PetzA to allow me to get through my breeding project a little quicker.

I’m also trying to breed some Petz that are a mix of all the breedz you can get from the Adoption Centre in the game as well as some Petz that I’m raising naturally that are based in some way on real life cats and dogs that I know.

Expect to find adoptions here, as well as regular updates on my breeding projects. I only get online once a week so don’t worry if I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ll be back soon!


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