Latest Addition!

Just had to share my beautiful latest addition to the Crew, so new she’s not even up on the Crew page yet.

Shimmer pup

Her name is Shimmer and I adopted her from Mama Bear on RKC. So far I’ve just had her out with Dora and she was not impressed with her. I’m trying her out with Oxide and the Catz next to see how they get on there.

Check back to see more of her soon.

Updated Links Page

Atticus with auto ballI’m slowly going through the links to other Petz sites on The RKC Petz Forum to add to my Links page. It’s taking a while because I’m trying (and failing) to multitask.

If you’re wanting me to list your Petz site on my Links page, just let me know and I’ll get it added up there. If you’d like you link back to me, well, go ahead, that’d be just great.

New Pages

I’ve been hard at work breeding and adding pages left right and centre. I’ve now got a page dedicated to my modest crew (expect that to grow pretty quickly), I’ve also set up pages for adoptions and my Breeding Projects which will be added to shortly.

I’ve also created a links page and a link banner (it’s just a rough one for the time being, I’ll jazz it up later). If you want me to link to you just comment on that page or email me at and I’ll get you listed.

If you want to link back, just use this banner:

120x60 Link Banner

Check back soon, I’m going breeding crazy at the moment!

Welcome to Ink Spotz

SunnyWelcome to Ink Spotz. Home to purebred Dalis galore!

More recently updates will show above this post and I’m gradually making pages for the other sections of the site. I’m not really big on showing my Petz and so it’s unlikely that I’ll have those here, but I’m definitely going to have Adoptions and possibly even a breeding service in the future.

Keep checking back for more updates. I aim to update about once a week (as that’s the only time I get online on my computer).

If there’s anything that you’d be really interested in seeing here, please comment to let me know. 🙂